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Inaugural meeting at the Caerphilly Masonic Centre – August 2018

We in the Province of South Wales are actively engaged in the promotion and delivery of the Pathway process.

On Thursday 2nd August 2018, the new team of Masonic Centre Representatives held their inaugural meeting at the Caerphilly Masonic Centre.

The formation of the new team will focus on the delivery of each Pathway step in an expeditious, concise and comprehensive manner to Lodges throughout the Province.

The Province welcomes all new membership enquiries and applications and ensures these are handled in an appropriate manner. Consideration is given to personalities, skills, qualities and personal circumstances prior to placement within a suitable Lodge.

Continued support to our new brethren is crucial and the role of Mentors and sponsors must ensure they address any issues or concerns and provide a high level of support that the new Freemason needs.

The future of Freemasonry and the sustainability of the recruitment and retention process requires hard work, understanding and commitment from all Lodges within the Province.

Your support in delivering this structure is greatly appreciated.

For further information help and advice, please contact your Masonic Centre Representatives, details available here.