Roles and Responsibilities

Provincial Grand Mentor

Ultimately tasked in delivering a structured framework on which to base all mentoring activity within the Province, he will routinely monitor and assess performance of the Mentoring programme across the Province in conjunction with his regional Co-ordinators and facilitate improvements and adjustments accordingly.

He is responsible to an Assistant Provincial Grand Master as appointed by the Provincial Grand Master and reports into the Provincial Executive on Mentoring activities and progress.

Regional Co-ordinator

The Regional Co-ordinators will take responsibility for mentoring activities in their specified regions of the Province acting as a conduit for best practice and communication between the Lodge Mentors within their region and the Provincial Grand Mentor.

They will organise and host Mentoring and Education activities within their region in line with the Provincial Mentoring Plan and Ad Hoc requirements.

They should be aware of and work with the Lodge Mentors in their region to give advice and encouragement on best practice in line with the Provincial Plan.

Lodge Mentor

The role of Lodge Mentor is of great importance and serious consideration should be given by the Lodge on who to appoint in this office.

Its importance cannot be understated as it has been shown that Lodges with effective and active Lodge Mentors are better at recruiting and retaining members.

The principle role of the Lodge Mentor is one of pastoral care to adopt a framework of mentoring into his Lodge which primarily will support newer members, but equally to observe and where necessary support those progressing through the offices of the lodge, to Exaltation into Royal Arch and onwards towards and into the office of Master.

The Lodge Mentor will achieve this by being the focal point of mentoring activity and by appointing Personal Mentors to each new member, whether that be their proposer or seconder or in the case of those going through the higher offices perhaps a recent past master who may have recently undertaken the office that the mentee is attaining, to advise on any pitfalls and guide them through the role, this is the essence of the mentoring scheme to have a one to one relationship where a more experienced Mason can assist, advise and guide the less experienced Mason and enhance his experience of Masonry to never let him feel adrift or overwhelmed and to always be supported.

The Lodge Mentor should also be available to attend training, development or education events organised by the Provincial or Regional mentor to exchange ideas on best practice and discuss issues faced as a Lodge Mentor in a positive and collaborative environment.