simon-j-francis-pprjgwWelcome to mentoring website of the Provincial Grand Lodge of South Wales. Mentoring in Freemasonry is now well established and for a number of years the scheme has been embraced and adopted by this Province. Every initiating lodge in the South Wales Province has now appointed a Lodge Mentor to co-ordinate a mentoring programme within their Lodge and many have appointed Personal Mentors for individuals, particularly new members.

In June 2015 I was appointed Provincial Grand Mentor to continue and develop the mentoring programme within the Province. I believe that mentoring is a very effective way of helping brethren in their masonic careers. A good mentoring programme will help ensure that lodge members feel fully supported in their masonic life and so have a happy and enjoyable experience of Freemasonry. Generally speaking, if a brother is enjoying his masonry he will be active in the Lodge, will feel comfortable and confident to speak to friends and family about Freemasonry and consequently is more likely to introduce new members.

I am assisted in my role by four Regional Mentoring Co-ordinators who are responsible for communicating best practice via the Lodge Mentor. The Regional Co-ordinators will hold briefings and workshops for Lodge Mentors throughout their region on a regular basis, sharing best practice, supporting the Lodge Mentors and acting as a conduit for communication between the individual Lodges and the Province. Details of your Regional Co-ordinator can be found on the website together with details of the meetings and workshops to be held around the Province.

I hope that you find this website both interesting and useful. Although very much in its infancy it already contains information and document downloads which I am sure will help and assist Lodge Mentors and Personal Mentors alike to deliver a constructive and effective programme of mentoring within their Lodge.

I am also sure that with your help this website will continue to grow and develop to become the first point of reference and a valuable resource for both Lodge and Personal Mentors alike and I would like to thank all of you who are actively involved in Mentoring throughout the Province.

Simon J Francis PPrJGW
Provincial Grand Mentor